• Even in the middle of 2019, when services like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer are going through their best moments, not everyone uses multimedia content streaming platforms. For whatever reason, there are those who still prefer to download their favorite music and enjoy it offline , without having to resort to third-party platforms or rely on an Internet connection for 9 best music downloader apps for android (2019).

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    Unfortunately for these types of users, it has become increasingly difficult to get music outside these types of online platforms , for free and, of course, legal. However, we can still find some applications for Android and websites that allow us to get it, and we have decided to select some of the best.


    The best apps and websites to download free music legally

    Before going to see the applications to download music on the mobile phone for free and legal, we must bear in mind that, obviously, in these platforms and services we will not find the works of the most famous artists worldwide , but music created by independent artists who have decided to share their creation with the world without asking for anything in return. Some of the websites we list also have non-copyrighted music that can be used without problems in projects such as YouTube videos or podcasts.




    One of the most popular platforms for downloading free and royalty-free music is Jamendo. It has a catalog of more than half a million songs, all of them available to stream or download for free. And best of all, it has its own application for Android, with built-in player and access to the complete music catalog.


    FMA - Free Music Archive


    Another application for Android from which to download free music is FMA. The mobile adaptation of the famous royalty-free music bank “Free Music Archive” houses a huge catalog of high quality songs, divided into different categories and genres, to make it easier to find the perfect songs for every occasion.


    Thanks to the player integrated in the application, it is possible to listen to the songs before downloading them .


    Icons8 Music


    While it does not have an Android application, Icons8 is one of the best free music download platforms . It has thousands of different songs from artists from around the world, and as reflected on the web, it is possible to download and share or use the music downloaded in any project for free, provided it is accompanied by a link to the site Web.


    Icons8's music is divided into 20 different genres , and of course it will be possible to listen to each of the songs before downloading them. Once we have decided, we are offered the possibility to download the MP3 audio file . There is also the possibility of downloading the song in WAV format to obtain a higher sound quality, though, paying a fee of $ 20 per month that also eliminates the need to accompany projects that use music with a link to the web.




    The last alternative we offer to download free music from your mobile is Bensound . This platform was created by Benjamin Tissot, a musician who has been creating his own music for more than 10 years, and one day he decided to create a platform where artists from any part of the planet could share their works with the rest of the world.


    As in Icons8, Bensound's music is categorized by genres, and it offers the possibility to listen to songs before downloading them . Another similarity with the previous service is the need to accompany with a link to the web those projects in which any of the sounds downloaded from Bensound are used.

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